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Homebirth Supplies & Preparation

Many people like to know what they need to have on hand at home for a home birth and how they can prepare for the birth during pregnancy. Here is a list of basic homebirth preparation during pregnancy and the basic homebirth supplies we like you to have, starting with a birth kit. The birth kit has several items you will use postpartum and a few items that we need during your homebirth.

To order your birth kit, call Baby Birth & Beyond at 208-660-0712 and ask for the 'Family Midwifery Service Birth Kit' ($70.21). You can also order the kit (custom birth kit #121) online at You will also want a sitz bath for after your birth. Order your sitz bath here from Morgan Botanicals, Tehachapi's local herbal supply. Order all items for your birth kit between 32-34 weeks.

Throughout pregnancy: drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea - 1 cup 3 times per day during the first trimester; 2 cups 3 times per day during the second trimester; 3 cups 3 times per day during the third trimester and postpartum. Red Raspberry Leaf tea is also available from Morgan Botanicals or just ask for some at your next prenatal visit.

At 14 weeks: start taking Alfalfa; 2 capsules after each meal and 2 before bed.
At 14 weeks: start taking Chlorophyll; drink it daily or at least every other day.

By 36 weeks have the following supplies ready:

  • 2 sheets (which can be thrown away) *See special instructions below
  • 6 towels (which can be thrown away) *See special instructions below
  • 6 old washcloths (which can be thrown away) *See special instructions below

*Special instructions: Items should be well laundered then baked in a brown paper bag closed with string or masking tape at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A pan of water in the oven will prevent scorching.

  • Other towels and washcloths for making hot and cold compresses or soaking up amniotic fluid. If these are old they can also be thrown away.
  • Several pillows
  • A bowl or pot for the placenta (2 qt. size)
  • A hand mirror for watching the birth
  • Paper towels
  • Large thick plastic trash bags (at least 4)
  • Two shower curtain liners, flannel-backed rubber sheet, or plastic drop cloth (for bedding)
  • Two serving trays or cookie sheets for use as trays
  • Flash light & batteries
  • Q-tips
  • One bottle of vegetable oil, unopened
  • One bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • Baby bathtub or small tub for mom to sit in for sitz bath following birth (8-inch tall bins are great)
  • A clean hose for filling and draining the birth tub if you are using one
  • 6 baby receiving blankets (wash them if they are new)
  • Diapers - newborn size (if using cloth diapers be sure to wash them at least 4 times to increase absorbency)
  • Undershirt for baby
  • Long gown for baby
  • Hat & socks for baby
  • Ibuprofen 200 mg tablets or if you have had more than one baby, Valerian Root tincture for after pains
  • Arnica (12x or 30c) tablets, a homeopathic remedy for helping your tissues heal
  • Stock up on lots of juices, Recharge, miso and easy to eat snacks. Be sure to get them ahead of time and store them.

Pack a bag in case of transfer:

  • Changes of clothes for mother & baby
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Identification
  • Health Insurance information
  • Blanket for baby
  • Carseat, etc.

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